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It is really hard to keep up with all the latest and everything you need to know in Social Media and Digital Marketing, particularly in light of all the recent changes. We are also aware that more changes are happening over the coming weeks so watch this space!

Thankfully things haven’t changed in relation to the way in which you decide upon your strategy. Outbound strategy (typically email marketing and offline) as well as inbound (typically SEO, Social Media and SEM or PPC) will depend on who your target customer is, where do your prospects hang out, what do they do when they are there and what pain they are in (can you fix it before they realise they have it?)

It is also vitally important that you have a multi channel strategy. If you are reliant on one strategy (for example, SEO) and Google change their algorithm and you find yourself losing page 1 status, if you haven’t been active on Social or PPC then you will be in real trouble!

Enough of the generic round up as this is about Social Media and all the latest. Social is great if you understand it’s purpose to you. Who are your target customers, which channels do they use and where are they. Remember that there are over 400 different social networks so it worthwhile investigating which one is right for your niche, don’t always just go for Facebook and Twitter as the obvious examples. From here on in it is a methodical process.

Attract and hunt РNurture and Engage РMonetise 

Everything should be about analytics and scientific, not guesswork! All data is invaluable and it will assist you in evaluating problems which are the key reasons for not selling. Look at your industry average KPIs, for example if you are an e-commerce site look at the abandoned basket averages against your own. Test and measure, look at your content, look at the length of your content and review your keywords, if it is not working, change! There are some great paid analytics tools out there if google analytics is too cumbersome, look at what Response tap and lead forensics will give you, you will be pleasantly surprised.

On to the Meaty More Interesting Social Media Stuff!

Some things haven’t changed but important to go over the basics as well.

Get organised, develop an editorial calendar, we have a great one and drop us a comment or an email if you would like us to send you a copy.

Optimise profiles, ensure all your profiles are completed and are consistent.

Use a Scheduling tool and an overview dashboard, Hootsuite is our preferred tool.

Organise your Team, stay away from email as things get lost. Create your team within an application like Slack. Slack also has some really cool apps like screenhero which will allow you to share your screen with somebody at a different location.

Make Sure Your Graphics all look great, look at using Canva, you will not be disappointed

Use shortened trackable URLs, essential not just for Twitter but also to see who clicked on your links and how many times. We use and

Engage a Hashtag strategy, use trending and relevant hashtags. will give you all the info you need and will give you more and tell you what your competitors are up to.

Monitor Your Online Reputation, essential for Customer Service and to ensure you are in on the conversation happening around you. You can use many apps but our choice is IFTT (If this then that,) Ice Rocket and Social Mention

Use Engagement Techniques – Don’t broadcast or outwardly sell

Start your posts and conversations with these, they work!

  • On a scale of 1-10
  • Yes or no?
  • Love it or hate it?
  • Do or don’t?
  • We need your help / feedback
  • What do you think?
  • Caption competition


Check out our favourite apps to assist with your tweeting:

Topsy, tweetchat and Tweepi. Please let us know which your favourites are in the comments below


Again, our favourite apps:

  • Layout from Instagram
  • Quick
  • Super impose
  • Picplaypost
  • Lapse it
  • Boomerang

Some apps to help overcome the fact that you can’t put links on your images, particulary e-commerce solutions:

  • Shopseen Storefront
  • Soldsie (shoppable comments)

You Tube

Make your videos stand out. Make them quirky and unconventional. They don’t have to relate.

Use Wondershare Filmora and create some different visual content.

Facebook – Some Facts

Posting images via Instagram will give you circa 30% more engagement.

We are now more connected than ever. It used to be 6 degrees of seperation but it is now 3.5!

You can now back up and download your Facebook page (including images) drop us an email or a comment below to find out how

Don’t use hashtags on Facebook (at the moment) Facebook will penalise engagement on what they call non relevant hashtags.

50% of Facebook users are mobile only

Facebook – Best Practises

  • Use short text and the engagement techniques mentioned earlier.
  • Use Likealyzer to analyse your posts and do more of what works
  • Use eye catching visuals (look at the go pro page for a good example) breathe some oxygen into your page
  • Add an emotional layer
    • Surprises
    • Helpful
    • Funny
    • Thought provoking
  • Check your insights and repeat your successes
  • Check your spelling
  • Utilise the Facebook free training (50 x 15 minute videos)
  • See what data is available to you from tools like Rankbook
  • Add a call to action on your videos and ensure they are linked to your site or landing page.

Facebook – All Change!

Encourage your fans to use and experiment with Facebook reactions, they just hold down on the like button and click on an emoticon. They will have great fun!

Trial Facebook livestream – you will get bumped to the top of your fan’s newsfeeds whilst live. Gold dust!

Look at Facebook Canvas. It will enable you to create different and very engaging content (note, this is for mobile only)

As always, I have tried to give you as much information in a useable format. I urge you to give these tools a try to enhance your online marketing and social media. I would also love to hear from you, your comments, or any tips you want to share.

Good luck!






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