Prestigious Richmond Hill Hotel partner with Online Edge for strategy workshop, blog creation, Social Media Outsourcing and website re-design advice.





To make more use of digital to grow events’ bookings, room bookings and afternoon teas.

To ensure inclusion in the social conversations happening around them and to try to move away from the need for SEM and bookings agencies.


Following a strategy workshop, The Richmond Hill Hotel outsourced their Social Media to Online Edge who immediately began using hashtags and local, well taken images to gain traction with the right audience. For SEO purposes, a blog was added to the existing website and fresh “evergreen” style content added along with local tourist information helping to attract people to the area.

For events and Christmas Parties bookings, a B2B adwords campaign was taken out on Linkedin and directed at the specific job title of people who would be booking parties as well as focussing on particular locations.