Aberdeen Asset Management outsource Social Media, website updates and brand communications for three shopping schemes to Online Edge.





To drive footfall to The Lion Yard Cambridge, Two Rivers Staines and Brotherhood Retail Park Peterborough through use of digital.


The first goal was to change the way in which the content was being communicated and bring in a use of images and video. Nobody had been interacting with the shopping centres on social because clients had been “broadcasted” to, not “engaged” with. We subtly changed the approach, started asking questions, probing for thoughts and welcoming interaction. The result was a huge increase in likes, shares and comments.

Competitions were then introduced and through a clever use of images and video, content began to go viral, this was a first for them. The result was a truly world class social media.

Social was used in conjunction with a strategy of gaining email addresses and the websites were updated with relevant, up to date information and offers for shoppers.